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Rabu, 27 Julai 2011

hanya ayat cinta kosong :O

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i don't wanna close my eyes ..
i don't wanna fall asleep ..
cause i'll will miss you baby ..
and i don' wanna miss a thing ..

when i am with you ..
i wish i could stop time ..
so , i could spend forever with you ..
and never have to leave your company ..

i swear to you on
everything i am and i 
dedicate to you all
that i have and i 
promise you that i will
stand right by 
your side 
forever and always until 
the day i die ..

in love and relationship ;
first of all ;
it is 'sensitivity' that draws attention 
for the incllination .
then it is 'care' thats instills empty 
into it ;
but once and for all ;
it is this 'sacrifice' that takes 
'love and relationship'
to the culmination of divinity .

-bila seorang perempuan 
mengatakan dia sedang
bersedih , tapi dia tidak 
menitiskan air mata , itu 
bermakna dia sedang
menangis di dalam hatinya .

-bila dia tidak menghiraukan kamu 
selepas kamu 
menyakiti hatinya lebih baik
beri dia masa untuk 
dia menenangkan hatynya 
semula sebelum kamu
menegur dengan ucapan maaf 

sukar nak cari 
yang dia benci 
orang yang paling
dia sayang 

you've been through
heartache and have had 
your heart broken to 1000
pieces .. most of which you
are still putting back 
together . Look at the
better things in life ..
someone DOES love 
you .. just open your eyes 
and take a look 

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